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Anna Topol works in the STG Industry CTO Leadership Team and is responsible for Energy and Utilities Industry. She has years of experience in both technical and business development positions; she was a Program Director for Strategic Alliance & Business Development Group in CHQ, she Managed IP/Patent Strategy and Pipeline Operations in IBM’s System and Technology Group, she was a TA to Bernie Meyerson IBM Chief Technology Officer and at that time a VP of Strategic Alliances, she also successfully led number of R&D programs for which she received Research Outstanding Technical Contribution Achievement Award. Anna holds a PhD degree in Physics from SUNY Albany Collage of Nanoscale Science and Engineering has more than 45 publications including encyclopedia and books chapters, and 23 issued patents.

IT transformation: Keeping the lights on and the water running

Most people do not realize that electric, gas and water services are delivered through a vast asset-intensive physical infrastructure that is undergoing a critical transformation from analog to digital technology. Infrastructure providers are under pressure to increase operational and budget efficiency as well as workforce productivity.

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If it ain’t broke, tell me when it will be

Instead of living by the old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” today, thanks to automation, we can ask, “If it ain’t broke, tell me when it will be,” and in real time expect a valid answer so we can make smarter decisions.

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