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Douglas (Doug) Balog, general manager, Power Systems, is responsible for IBM’s worldwide Power server business and the IBM Power System franchise. Doug is also a member of IBM’s Performance Team (PT) and Strategy Team (ST), which focus respectively on tactical execution and the strategic direction for the IBM enterprise. Doug has been part of IBM’s Systems and Technology group for 30 years with product development leadership and brand leadership roles across System z, System x, BladeCenter, System Storage and now Power Systems. During that time, he has led major portfolio transformations across all of these brands to better align with clients’ needs and the market shifts. Most recently, Doug was general manager for System z where he led the successful launch of the zEnterprise EC12 in 3Q12 and delivered the largest mainframe MIPS quarter in the history of the company in 4Q12 with 66% growth YTY and 56% revenue growth. In addition, Doug led the repositioning of System z for operational analytics, cloud and ultimate security. Doug graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a B.S. in Computer Science in 1983 and immediately joined IBM in Poughkeepsie, NY, working on the architectural validation of IBM’s next-generation mainframes. He spent 18 years in NY in a variety of development, brand and corporate roles until 2001 when he moved to San Francisco to help one of IBM’s largest clients deploy and operate one of the largest IBM mainframe and Unix server farms for web trading at the time. Today, Doug lives in Chapel Hill, NC with his wife and three teenage sons. Beyond his worldwide work travels, he is a soccer dad on most weekends, but also enjoys a round of golf.
IBM Power Systems LC Line of servers

Introducing the all new Power Systems LC Line of servers

IBM has furthered its commitment to powerful and cognitive systems of insight, unveiling a whole new Linux class of IBM Power Systems designed for clusters and clouds: the LC Line of servers. The all new LC Line of Power Systems represents a different way to experience Power Systems.

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IBM Power Systems at Wimbledon

Serving up waitless insights at Wimbledon

Wimbledon takes a hybrid cloud approach, in which the website is served off a public IBM SoftLayer cloud and multiple private cloud locations from around the world. Much of the private cloud infrastructure runs on IBM Power Systems, which were chosen for their ability to securely, reliably deliver waitless insights in seconds from massive amounts of structured and unstructured data.

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