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Ian Shave is a Business Line Manager for IBM Storage products. A leader in the storage industry, he provides market insights and develops business strategies that focus on client value, delivering successful storage businesses across geographies. His insights also drive business efficiency, improving time to market for industry solutions, while optimizing development resources. Connect with him on Twitter: @Ian_Shave.
Smarter Storage

There is an answer to the IT budget conundrum

With IT budgets under constraint, how do organizations ensure the costs of IT investments do not spiral out of control and become a burden to the business?

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SC 300

For software defined storage, stop comparing hardware specifications

Many storage purchasing decisions are still based on specifications, as IT or purchasing departments strive to make “apples to apples” comparisons based on hardware specification, such as cache size, quantity of disk drives and so on. In an SDE, these comparisons will fail to lead to a meaningful conclusion for two keys reasons.

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