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Dr. Inder Gopal is Vice President for System's Networking Development in System Technology and is responsible for the development of all hardware and software networking products in IBM. Previously, Inder Gopal was Vice President of Analytical Applications in the Software Group at IBM. He founded two venture-funded start-up companies, and worked in senior executive roles at AT&T and Prodigy. He has a long record of successful commercialization of leading edge technology, often creating new markets and product categories. Dr. Gopal has also had a distinguished research career in the area of computer networks, with 20 patents and more than 70 technical publications to his credit. He has served as editor of several technical journals and was elected Fellow of the IEEE. He has a PhD from Columbia University, New York and a BA from Oxford University, England.
Smarter Computing Breakthroughs

System Interconnect Improvements: Don’t Forget the Network

Historically, many organizations have used fundamentally different technologies to link different classes of data center assets — ex: Fibre Channel fabric for storage and Ethernet for systems. But this double approach also means that there are more total network assets to manage, higher costs and less flexibility. Moving to a converged solution can help address these issues. This is because one network is fundamentally simpler, easier and less expensive to manage and optimize over time than two.

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