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Karin Broecker currently leads a team of software architects in making sense of the IBM software portfolio to help address business challenges. Her curiosity knows no bounds. Karin has tackled the big three in STG: System z, Power Systems and Storage. In addition, her background includes application development, IT architecture, education and people management. She loves building a strategy, practicing yoga and enjoying life.
Smarter infrastructure

IBM’s wide world of software: Episode 1

Cloud, social, mobile, analytics and security are the latest buzz in technology, but let’s start with the operational backbone: human resources (HR) and talent management, supply chain and procurement and real estate. These might not be the most exciting parts of the business, but if streamlined these can have a significant impact on operational efficiency. And who doesn’t love that?

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Three reasons to make this the summer of security

Summer is about ice cream cones, swinging and water balloon fights. Your colleagues aren’t expecting you to be tinkering with Bluemix or IBM Watson. Imagine their surprise when you offer a robust security solution that keeps your brand out of the media hot seat and provides cost savings.

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