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Karin Broecker currently leads a team of software architects in making sense of the IBM software portfolio to help address business challenges. Her curiosity knows no bounds. Karin has tackled the big three in STG: System z, Power Systems and Storage. In addition, her background includes application development, IT architecture, education and people management. She loves building a strategy, practicing yoga and enjoying life.
Infrastructure matters

IBM’s wide world of software: Episode 2 – Marketing

As we highlight three marketing-related software acquisitions, it’s important to remember: Those working with infrastructure have a unique opportunity to be the person that makes the magic happen for the marketing team. Whether the solution is on premises or off premises, it will still need to store data somewhere, right?

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Turn insight into action: IBM Insight 2014 recap

Karin Broecker has been to quite a number of IBM conferences, so her expectations were set on what the week at IBM Insight2014 would bring. She recaps the event, saying she “couldn’t have been more surprised by the announcements and innovations revealed during a few short days.”

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