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Marisol Diaz is the Worldwide Marketing Manager for IBM Storwize V5000. Marisol has been with IBM ten years and has held different marketing roles within the Storage brand during the last five years. She was involved with the announcement of the first Storwize entry system, the Storwize V3700.
IBM z13 mainframe

Innovative storage for cutting-edge mainframe: IBM DS8870 and z Systems

There are moments that have the potential to change the course of the IT industry, and we are facing a moment like that right now. Designed, developed and tested together, IBM DS8870 and z Systems’ unparalleled synergy offers extraordinary value, enabling you to accelerate business insights, make business continuity a reality and get the highest levels of security.

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IBM Storwize V5000 300

Software defined environments need flexible architectures – right?

There has been a lot of noise lately around the topic of software defined environments (SDE). Some talk about software defined storage (SDS) like some sort of storage virtualization, while others consider it a new type of software to integrate storage systems more intelligently. But people do seem to agree on one point…

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