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Paul has 30 years of experience with IBM focused on bringing new and emerging technologies to the mainframe. He is currently part of the System z Growth business line, with specific focus on cross-industry business analytics offerings and the mainframe strategy for the insurance industry. Outside the world of technology, Paul maintains a variety of interests that include photography, numismatics, yoga, and work with local social service organizations.
Mainframe announcements IBM Enterprise2014

The elephant on the mainframe is getting bigger!

Thanks to some new announcements around Hadoop and the mainframe that were made at IBM Enterprise2014, you now have a complete, enterprise-class solution from IBM for using Hadoop to analyze mainframe data without ever having to move that data off platform!

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Think parking in the city is expensive? Try maintaining a data center!

The costs of space and power—the two essential elements of any data center—can break a company’s desire to locate anywhere close to a big city if its business model relies on plentiful, affordable computing capacity.

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