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Paul has 30 years of experience with IBM focused on bringing new and emerging technologies to the mainframe. He is currently part of the System z Growth business line, with specific focus on cross-industry business analytics offerings and the mainframe strategy for the insurance industry. Outside the world of technology, Paul maintains a variety of interests that include photography, numismatics, yoga, and work with local social service organizations.
IBM z13 mainframe

IBM z Systems mainframe and right-time insights: The tale beyond the tape

Today, the IT world is abuzz with the introduction of the next generation of the mainframe, IBM z Systems. The new flagship of the mainframe world, the IBM z13, comes with a pretty impressive stat sheet, but can this new box improve your ability to capture new opportunities at the point of impact? You betcha!

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Kevin Spacey: The new rock star of big data analytics?

We’re showing our clients how they can break the rules in their own industries by bringing analytics to the data, rather than pushing data to distributed systems for analysis. When transactional, operational data originates on the mainframe, you can analyze that data in place—quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively—to gain competitive advantage.

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