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About Renato Recio

Renato Recio is an IBM Fellow & CTO of IBM System Networking, specializing in System I/O and Network Architecture, Strategy, and Standards. For the past 15 years Renato has played a leadership role in the strategy, architecture and design of future IBM system I/O and Networks. He is currently responsible for cross-IBM Data Center and Virtual Switch Networking product strategy and roadmap. He has been a founding engineer and author of several I/O and Network industry standards, including: InfiniBand (cluster network), iWARP (Remote Direct Memory Access, RDMA, over TCP/IP), PCI I/O Virtualization, Convergence Enhanced Ethernet (CEE), Fibre Channel over CEE and IEEE 802.1Qbg Ethernet Virtual Bridging. He also created and chaired IBM’s I/O Technical Community (IOTC), which serves the networking, education, and support needs of over 750 IBM IO and networking professionals. Renato has filed 190 patents, of which over 100 have already issued, and has published dozens of refereed technical conference (e.g. IEEE and ACM) papers. He holds a BSEE from the University of Illinois and an MBA from the University of Minnesota.

SDN & OpenFlow: increased flexibility, improved performance, simplified operations

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Is software-defined networking the future of cloud and network infrastructure?

Networks and network management are on the brink of fundamental change. With SDN, instead of being a labor intensive, the network becomes automated and optimized—and it generates far more business value as a result.

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