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Vincent (Yu-Cheng) Hsu is an IBM Fellow and the CTO for IBM Storage system. His responsibility includes future storage technology, system architecture and design and the solution integration. Prior to this position, Mr. Hsu was the Chief Engineer for IBM enterprise storage system. Mr. Hsu has devoted his entire 21 years of career on enterprise storage system development. He is the master inventor at IBM. He was named an IBM Fellow in 2012. In 2005 he was named a Distinguished Engineer (executive level engineer) and Chief Engineer for IBM Ds8000 product. In 2009, he is named the CTO for IBM disk storage leading IBM storage technology council to oversee storage technology for all IBM disk storage products. Mr. Hsu is a graduate of the University of Arizona, and holds a Master of Science degree in Computer Engineer and MBA degree. He is also a member of IBM Academy of Technology.
Smarter Computing Breakthroughs

Increase utilization and ease of management with cloud storage

For many organizations today, storage, and how storage is managed, represent major opportunities to improve. For instance, organizations typically want to provision storage more quickly to fulfill business needs. They also want to simplify and standardize the way storage is administered, in areas like quota management, access management, and user monitoring.

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