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About Yesica Schaaf

Yesica Schaaf is a Global Market Segment Manager in IBM Global Technology Services. In this role, Yesica is responsible for driving the marketing strategy for Smarter Computing for her division. She also has global marketing responsibility for IBM’s IT Strategy & Design Services, which are the consulting services that help organizations align IT to business priorities.

Reputational Risk and IT: They’re Closer Than You Think

Have you ever thought about how managing risk and security can affect your reputation? Reputational risk is a different element in the risk spectrum, and it is anchored in the fact that a company’s reputation — much like a brand — has tangible value and needs to be protected. Risks related to reputation affect how trustworthy people think an organization is. Damage to reputation can lead to lost revenue and even damage to shareholder value.

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The basics of storage optimization

One of the biggest challenges for IT organizations today is keeping up with exponential information growth.  Information grows at a rate of 30 percent annually, Continue reading