The City and County of Honolulu creates a customized cloud


Smarter Computing In ActionWhat springs to mind when you think of Hawaii? Chances are, you pictured tropical beaches, laid-back surfers and beautiful sunsets – but what you may not have known is that the state’s capital, Honolulu, was recently voted the top digital city in the US.

The Center for Digital Government gave Honolulu this prestigious award for good reason. Since embarking on a major transformation journey in 2004, Honolulu has joined the prestigious ranks of IBM Smarter Cities across the globe.

Today, the city is using leading-edge IT solutions to drive grass-roots improvements to the quality of life of some 390,700 citizens. Using one of the city’s many new mobile apps, citizens can now take photographs of broken streetlights, street furniture or abandoned vehicles, and report them to the city in real time – ensuring the city retains a tight-knit sense of community, even as its population grows.

To hear about the transformation journey first-hand from city officials, including Honolulu’s former mayor Peter Carlisle, watch the video below:

Thanks to a cloud solution based on IBM System z mainframes, Honolulu can harness the famous Hawaiian community spirit to increase the safety and well-being of its citizens. Using the “Adopt-a-Siren” app, citizens can volunteer to regularly check that their neighborhood tsunami sirens are in full working order, and the “Festivals of Hawaii” app helps to bring people together at events celebrating the best of Hawaiian film, music, and food. What’s more, citizens can now complete government paperwork online any time, any place – reducing the need to wait in line at government departments like the DMV.

To find out how becoming a Smarter City helps the City and County of Honolulu to deliver outstanding public services for its citizens, check out the IBM Smarter Computing case study.

Jaime Aisenson is currently the Global Marketing Manager at IBM for the Smarter Computing program. She has been at IBM for more than 10 years and her other roles included the creation of Marketing Campaigns supporting Midmarket, Global Financing and the IBM Business Partner Channel. Prior to joining IBM, Jaime held Product Management positions at MasterCard and Chase.

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