Marist College Delivers Advanced Business Analytics Through the Cloud


Smarter Computing In ActionThis is an information-centric era; everyday we face the challenge of integrating old habits and new technology. Smarter Computing principals that we apply to retail companies and health care institutions also fit within the complicated structure of educational facilities. Marist College is a great example of an institution that uses virtualized servers and desktops to meet support goals for faculty, staff and students.


“In many ways a college is no different than a normal business, our IT budgets are stressed, we are going to have to continue to do more with less. System z is an integral part of doing that.”

Harry Williams, Chief Technology Officer, Marist College

Marist College (Marist) is a private liberal-arts college located on a 180-acre riverfront campus in Poughkeepsie, New York. The college enrolls approximately 6,000 students and seeks to distinguish itself by applying IT in innovative ways to support teaching, learning and scholarship at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Marist is an IBM research partner and member of the IBM Academic Initiative: a program designed to promote IT knowledge and skills among students.

As a recognized innovator for integrating education and technology, Marist College wanted to deliver advanced business analytics capabilities to its global user base of students and faculty, as well as to local businesses. Working with IBM, the college implemented an IBM® SmartCloud™ solution that used its existing cloud infrastructure to turn this goal into a reality, providing a fast and cost-effective way to provision resources on demand to support analytics in educational and research applications.

“When IBM got interested in Marist and started helping our students and faculty utilize technology, to make sure that they learned everything they needed to know when they went out in the workforce, it was a game changer for the college.”

Bill Thirsk, Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer, Marist College

In the following video, Marist shares how they chose to implement cloud on System z and the business impact that the project has had:

View the IBM case study, “Marist College gets the most out of its cloud environment ,” to learn how this IBM solution helped Marist College:

  • Deliver advanced business analytics through the cloud
  • Reduce IT administration time and costs
  • Create a new enterprise computing research laboratory
  • Save USD350,000 in the college’s production environment

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