No More Messages After the Beep: A Smart Solution for the City of Veszprém

Concerned about ragweed risk or slippery roads? Having issues with waste removal? Dealing with power outages or pipeline bursts? If you’re one of the 65,000 citizens of Veszprém, Hungary, no need to call the Major’s office. While his voicemail once served as the funnel for such issues, the city has transformed operations with an online complaint management service that will help the city identify and prioritize areas for improvement.

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A Data Center Conundrum: Low Server Utilization Wastes Energy

I’m an avid NY Giants fan, living in the deep cold of Minnesota Vikings territory. And, I love using my DVR for instant replay and recording all the big games. Still, my DVR sits unused most of the time, all the while consuming electricity. (In fact, the National Resources Defense Council estimates that US consumers waste $2 billion per year on electricity when their DVRs aren’t in use.)

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