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Two years ago IBM launched Smarter Computing at Pulse 2011 and two weeks ago I described how we would again join more than 8,000 clients, colleagues and analysts in Las Vegas for Pulse 2013 to deliver a deeper Smarter Computing experience than ever before.

As the conference gets into full-swing, I would also like to draw attention to exciting news that will come out of Pulse 2013 with the IBM SmartCloud team announcing a new solution to dramatically simplify and streamline virtual and cloud data center management.

In a recent IDC Technology Spotlight, analyst Mary Johnston identifies a critically important trend emerging in the IT industry: as organizations move away from client/server-based architectures to agile environments leveraging cloud, social, mobile and analytics technologies, they are simultaneously increasing the complexity of their data centers with a multitude of server, storage and networking platforms sitting alongside an ever-growing virtual infrastructure.

This trend is expected to grow the market for converged systems – or those that combine servers, storage, networks and software – at a compound annual rate of 55% from $2.0 billion in 2011 to $17.8 billion in 2016.  This increasing complexity will make improving “IT staff productivity and operational efficiency the number 1 IT management software priority in 2013.”

One of IBM’s responses to this trend will be IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator, an advanced virtual and cloud data center orchestration platform that enables IT organizations to use a unified interface and automation to:

  • Build new cloud services in minutes
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Simplify end-user consumption of cloud services
  • Accelerate the delivery of heterogeneous cloud environments
  • Enable deployments on public clouds

This tool will also be built on open standards, including OpenStack, TOSCA and OSLC, to help CIOs and IT leaders scale and adapt to evolving infrastructure and new applications.

Watch the following video to hear Kendall Lock, IBM Director of Cloud Development, describe how SmartCloud Orchestrator will reduce the IT management complexities introduced by virtual and cloud environments.

The introduction of IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator is also significant as it builds upon our February 5 Smarter Computing announcements, particularly those that help IBM clients deploy the cloud-ready IT infrastructure that SmartCloud Orchestrator can unify and automate to improve efficiency and speed time-to-market.

Consider that new PowerVM enhancements support 20 VMs per core to help businesses consolidate multiple workloads onto fewer systems to reduce complexity, increase server utilization and reduce cost. New Power 7 Systems can also leverage Active Memory Expansion (AME) to expand physical memory over 2X to reduce the cost of required memory, which is a critical resource to cloud deployment.

IBM Systems Storage has also improved the XIV Storage System to now offer 10 GB iSCSI support, more efficient utilization and 16 % better energy efficiency.

To see how these solutions can provide you with real benefits, read more about how IBM client Oncor, a US-based electricity services provider, enhanced its IT infrastructure with an XIV storage system to accommodate the massive growth in data volumes caused by the switch from analog to digital meters.

And another client, Dutch Cloud, a cloud-based services provider in the Netherlands, has simplified and standardized its cloud infrastructure and improved efficiencies through dynamic provisioning and self-service capabilities while integrating existing systems, such as their IBM Power servers.

I encourage you to learn more about IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator by reading this IDC Technology Spotlight.

You can also help further the conversations around Pulse by following me on Twitter @LisaOrrJohnston.

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