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Selecting Your First Big Data Project – Planning for Success

So far in this series, we looked at how to determine the compelling drivers for your first big data project, the importance of choosing the right people for your team, and in the last post we examined the computing environment. This final installment talks about planning for success.

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Selecting Your First Big Data Project – Compelling Drivers

In this blog series, we will cover how to select, staff and plan your first big data project. Our recommendations are based on many years of experience that we have had working with a wide variety of customers in several industries. We won’t focus on specific technologies in this series. Instead, we will examine the organizational dynamics and lessons learned from how these projects go in real life, inside existing, often very busy IT infrastructures.

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Tom Deutsch serves as a Program Director on IBM’s big data team. He played a formative role in the transition of Hadoop-based technology from IBM Research to IBM Software Group, and he continues to be involved with IBM Research big data activities and transition from Research to commercial products. Tom created the IBM BigInsights Hadoop-based product, and has spent several years helping customers with Apache Hadoop, BigInsights and Streams technologies, identifying architecture fit, developing business strategies and managing early stage projects across more than 200 customer engagements. Tom co-authored the book “Understanding Big Data,” as well as many other papers. Prior to his current position, Tom worked in the IBM Information Management CTO’s office. He worked with a team focused on emerging technology and helped customers adopt IBM’s innovative Enterprise Mashups and Cloud offerings. Tom came to IBM through from FileNet when it was acquired by IBM. At FileNet he had responsibility for the company’s flagship content management product. He also spearheaded FileNet product initiatives with other IBM software segments, including the Lotus and InfoSphere segments. With more than 20 years in the industry, and as a veteran of two startups, Deutsch is an expert on the technical, strategic and business information management issues facing the enterprise today. Most of Tom’s work has been on emerging technologies and business challenges, and he brings a strong focus on the cross-functional work required to have early-stage projects succeed. Deutsch earned a bachelor’s degree from Fordham University in New York and an MBA from the University of Maryland University College.