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South side story: IT integration and reality

What if there were a way for the agencies responsible for improving housing and those providing healthcare, counseling, food assistance and job training to communicate? Investing in IT infrastructure can provide productivity multiplier effects that lead to improved services.

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West Side Story, Officer Krupke and social program modernization

What do West Side Story, Officer Krupke and social program modernization have in common? Coordinating social programs can reduce juvenile recidivism and help youth reach their potential. But social agencies need to transform IT with a smarter infrastructure to make it happen.

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During Tim Durniak's 31 years with IBM, he has exploited information technology to automate the day-to-day activities of a diverse set of industries including Electronics, Defense, Insurance, Public Safety , Automotive, Transportation, Telecommunications, Retail, and Social Services. Along the way he has been a software developer, solution tester, information developer, solution architect, solution trainer, help desk leader, methodologist, process engineer, project manager, infrastructure architect and enterprise architect. Having seen all sides of what it takes to deliver uniquely positioned IT solutions, Tim now serves as Chief Technology Officer for Public Sector of the Systems and Technology group.