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Businesses are realizing the power of technology in their transformation. Those that embrace big data and analytics are finding new revenue streams, improving customer satisfaction and simplifying their supply chains. Those that don’t are struggling. Of course there is balance in this equation. In order to support business innovation, budget is required. However, that budget that is often tied up in an ever-expanding data center – filled with servers that are inefficient in energy, licensing costs and management.

This is where infrastructure truly matters. The combination of needs – next-generation applications, enterprise IT efficiency and business innovation – calls for technology built for these purposes. It calls for making architecture choices that are designed to deliver analytics via cloud to derive the most accurate and real-time business insights.

We engineer our systems with a variety of transformational technologies. On Power, that includes faster caches, memory scalability to 16 TB, and up to four intelligent simultaneous threads per core. This enables massive processing and throughput of data – intensive applications, allowing businesses and organizations to ingest, analyze, and correlate data in motion – providing real-time analysis on millions of events per second. Our teams continue to deliver solutions that can make a significant impact to businesses, and we announced a number of them today, including:

  • The new IBM BLU Acceleration Solution – Power Systems Edition, which exploits POWER7+ processor-based technology for 8x to 25x faster reporting and analyticsand 10x storage space savings. This game-changing solution delivers speed of thought analytics by combining IBM DB2 software with BLU Acceleration with dynamic in-memory columnar technology and Power Systems
  • The new IBM PowerVP Virtualization Performance solution, which is a virtualization performance tool that responds more quickly to business needs by providing real-time insight into the virtualization performance through graphical display. It helps identify potential performance bottlenecks
  • PowerVC – Virtualization Center offers industry leading virtualization and management capabilities to improve system resource efficiency and agility for virtual workload implementations
  • The new Power Integrated Facility for Linux, which helps better exploit the reliability, scale and performance of enterprise-class Power servers to improve quality of service and reduce the cost of managing the Linux ecosystem. Businesses can easily accelerate response to changing priorities without incurring extra virtualization software licensing fees.

When these types of technologies are used at the foundation of a cloud computing environment, it delivers a compute powerhouse that is shared, secure and offers a single point of access to data. It is highly responsive and efficient to manage, thus reducing costs. We provide hybrid cloud solutions, on premise or off, that are optimized for rapid deployment and maximum utilization – as high as 90 percent. All this while preserving client choice through leadership in open cloud standards and support for Linux and OpenStack.

When the objective is driving intelligence and agility in operations, the right systems have huge impact. They speed time to insight and simplify IT management while opening the door to business innovation.  They are optimized to deliver cloud for efficiency and analytics for business insights. The net result: Competitive advantage.

To learn more please watch our Infrastructure Matters webcast and come join in on the conversation on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

Douglas (Doug) Balog, General Manager, Power Systems, is responsible for IBM’s worldwide Power server business and the IBM Power System franchise. Doug is also a member of IBM’s Performance Team (PT) and Strategy Team (ST), which focus respectively on tactical execution and the strategic direction for the IBM enterprise. Doug has been part of IBM’s Systems and Technology group for 30 years with product development leadership and brand leadership roles across System z, System x, BladeCenter, System Storage and now Power Systems. During that time, he has led major portfolio transformations across all of these brands to better align with clients’ needs and the market shifts.

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