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IBM Smarter PlanetBecause you are reading this blog, I’m confident that you have seen the Smarter Planet advertisements from IBM.  This theme has been the overarching message from IBM for a several years, and when you see those ads, you get a sense of the kind of world we here at IBM believe is emerging from advances in technology.  It’s also likely that you know that IBM has a Smarter Computing strategy, which supports smarter planet.  This strategy has themes and examples showing IBM technology being used to create the Smarter Computing which drives the Smarter Planet.

IBM iI am the Chief Architect for the IBM i operating system, the integrated solution platform which runs on IBM’s Power Systems. For those of you who are not familiar with IBM i, it is the operating system used by over 100,000 customers worldwide. It has its heritage in the AS/400, but has evolved significantly over the years to help clients get their business done with extremely low total cost of ownership, legendary reliability and security. As the smarter planet and Smarter Computing strategies were created, the team which develops and delivers IBM i could clearly see how our platform fits into this message.

In fact, IBM saw it, too.  One of the first examples used to describe the attributes of a smarter planet, and how IBM was helping clients get there, was Cherry Central, Inc.  Cherry Central is a longtime user of our platform, and they work with N2N Global, a software vendor and IBM Business Partner in the food distribution industry.  This solution includes everything needed to run a food distribution company, up to and including the smarter planet goal of using technology for food safety.  We have a nice story at our IBM site, and there is also a video.

Like Cherry Central, a characteristic of our IBM i clients is that they are typically very busy running their businesses. Though a few of them lend their name and experience to getting the word out such as C.H. Briggs and GHY International did in the February 5 launch event, many of them do not, and they sometimes miss the connection between IBM’s strategy and what is happening with IBM i and Power Systems.  For that reason, I wrote about Smarter Planet several times in my blog, and we created a series of videos which discusses how IBM i fits into three principles of Smarter Computing:

  • Data ready – unlock the power of big data to deliver more actionable insight
  • Cloud ready – leverage cloud to speed time to market and improve efficiency
  • Security ready – secure critical information to protect and reduce risk

The first video features a few of us talking about data – how the architecture of IBM i, with its integrated DB2, is well positioned to provide easy ways to get more information out of the data you have.  IBM i is, from its initial architecture, data ready.

The second video talks about the advancements we’ve made, between Power Systems, PowerVM and IBM I, to enable cloud solutions and cloud management of the business platform.

The third video features experts from across IBM, including i experts, who explain the importance of securing critical information with enterprise systems.

For 25 years, it’s been the strategy of the team which delivers IBM i to provide a computing platform which allows a business to concentrate on its business, by delivering these customers a system which gives them everything they need to compete in the business environment of the current day, as well as into the future. The future is a smarter planet, and IBM i continues to carry our customers into that future.

Steve Will is the Chief Architect for IBM i, a Power Systems operating system used by hundreds of thousands of enterprises world wide. He is a frequent speaker at client events, collects requirements from customer advisory groups, and works with professionals inside and outside IBM on future technology. You can reach him on Twitter: @Steve_Will_IBMi.


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