Beyond Innovation


Today is a pivotal moment in time for you, for your company and for IT.

Preparing for the future is exciting but challenging. Long gone are the days of simply using traditional computer processing & data analysis methods to gain a competitive edge. Converging trends like mobility, broadband connectivity and social business are generating unprecedented volume, velocity, variety and veracity of data.

This new era of computing represents an opportunity and a need for clients to derive insights that lead to quick business decisions and improved business results. An opportunity for organizations to reshape the value they deliver, but cost, complexity and risk are standing in the way. So, how do companies today survive and thrive in an uncertain world? – Innovation. Right?

However, innovation in itself is not the trump card in an uncertain marketplace. More critical is the ability to scale innovation, to combine innovation with creativity to tackle the business challenges of today and tomorrow while gaining insights.  This is game changing.

At IBM we call this game changing strategy…Smarter Computing. This approach is creating an IT infrastructure that leverages cloud to speed time to market and improve efficiency, delivers actionable insight, and secures critical information while reducing risk – all resulting in an entirely new way to experience IT for you and for your client.

Beyond Innovation … It’s Smarter Computing

More than 10 billion mobile devices are expected to be in the hands of consumers, doctors, sales leaders and more by 2020. Already, 90 percent of mobile users complete many kinds of transactions across mobile devices – all creating more and more structured and more commonly unstructured information. In fact, in just two years, 80% of the world’s data will be uncertain.

As the exchange of information between businesses and individuals increases and data-driven decision making becomes increasingly common, businesses will need an infrastructure that is designed for compute intensive workloads such as analytics, new delivery methods such as cloud for business growth, enhanced client engagement and experience, and doing more with less without compromise to security.

We see this type of technology and infrastructure in IBM Watson that ran natural language processing and intense analytics and even delivered wins against Jeopardy champions and in five of the top 10 supercomputers in the world such as Sequoia – all running on IBM Power technologies.

As the market continues to evolve, businesses of ALL sizes need to address the need to gain new insights and efficiencies from their infrastructure and the complex workloads it supports. However, today, small and medium sized businesses grapple with storing, managing and extracting value from both structured and unstructured data at unaffordable rates. So how can organizations of all sizes gain the competitive edge needed efficiently, securely, and affordably?

This is why IBM is extending its commitment to delivering Smarter Computing innovations – highly secured and efficient systems and software designed for intense analytics and cloud-based workloads at affordable pricing for organizations of all sizes.

The new IBM Power Systems also deliver 20 – 40% performance boost, are optimized for analytics, and support thousands of IBM Software and ISV solutions.

In today’s Smarter Computing: What’s Next. Ready Now webcast, GHY International shares how it is using IBM Power Systems and management software to deliver seamless client experience while addressing business growth.

As a mid-sized company, GHY International provides Customs Brokerage and international trade consultancy services, primarily focused on the North American market for companies that buy and sell goods internationally. The organization is focused on creating a seamless customer experience – connecting the organization’s staff with the client and ensuring that the staff is managing the movement of information about their clients’ products effectively.

As Nigel Fortlage, chief information officer at GHY International, puts it “the glue that holds this process together is technology.”  In utilizing IBM Smarter Computing technologies based on Power Systems, GHY International reduced time spent on server management by 90 percent, reduced IT budget by 14 percent, and simplified the management of large amounts of data to deliver information and processes effectively – enhancing the value they deliver to their clients.

WellPoint, a leading US-based health benefits company, has placed IBM Watson, built on Power Systems, at the point of patient care. As Lori Beer, executive vice president at WellPoint, stated, the challenge in healthcare is that 90% of the information the organization must handle is unstructured.  IBM Watson and IBM Power Systems’ ability to process unstructured information rapidly, ensure scalability and reliability and quickly deliver natural language processing and cognitive analytics is key to WellPoint’s success in delivering exceptional client care.

To make data a strategic asset and achieve mission outcomes based on real-world data, in real-time, businesses must have the technology and infrastructure in place to examine many different kinds of uncertain data in real time. Organizations using analytics are more than twice as likely to substantially outperform their peers.

How are you using technology to differentiate your organization and deliver greater business value to your client? Are you truly ready for the compute workloads demanded by the marketplace today? More importantly, are you prepared for what’s next, today?

Watch Smarter Computing: What’s Next. Ready Now to learn how you can utilize Smarter Computing technologies to become ready for what’s next today.

Dr. Colin Parris is the General Manager for IBM’s Power Systems business in the IBM Systems & Technology Group. Dr. Parris is also a member of the IBM Performance Team and the Integration and Values Team and sits on the Board of Governors of the IBM Academy of Technology.

Smarter Computing Analyst Paper - HurwitzTo effectively compete in today’s changing world, it is essential that companies leverage innovative technology to differentiate from competitors. Learn how you can do that and more in the Smarter Computing Analyst Paper from Hurwitz and Associates.

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