The infrastructure choices you make matter. Go beyond rethinking IT.


In today’s constantly changing business environment, IT infrastructure decisions have never mattered more. According to findings from the IBM Global Data Center Study, only 21 percent of organizations have highly efficient IT infrastructures and are able to devote more than 50 percent of their IT budgets to innovations like cloud and big data.

So how can all organizations reach the peak of infrastructure efficiency? The key is an agile, flexible and scalable foundation to support the growth of game-changing technologies like cloud, mobile, social and big data.

Today we are making announcements that address the needs, challenges and opportunities organizations face in the midst of ever-growing market changes. We’re bringing together industry-leading expertise for the best enterprise-class infrastructure for cloud, big data and analytics capabilities.

We’re remaking enterprise IT for the new era of cloud

Did you know 24 out of 25 best performing companies in the world rely on IBM’s dynamic private and hybrid clouds to optimize their social, mobile and big data workloads?  By tapping into today’s cloud announcements, clients can:

  • Respond to business opportunities while reducing IT operational costs. New products expand the IBM PureSystems Solutions portfolio, offering 33% faster solution delivery and 37% lower cost of deploying cloud solutions
  • Manage infrastructure at scale, integrating public and private clouds with backend systems for greater workload optimization (enhanced by software defined environments). IBM Platform Resource Scheduler provides enterprise-class resource management to optimize resource utilization, cost and quality of service in OpenStack-based cloud environments.
  • Improve economics while maintaining flexibility and choice. Easily consumable PureFlex and Flex System solutions for simplified cloud deployment exploit high performing, integrated compute, storage and networking technologies.

We’re driving business transformation with big data and analytics

IBM big data and analytics are transforming business with speed and conviction, achieving competitive advantage through new levels of insight from information received at the point of impact. Organizations can:

  • Optimize the speed of decision-making in real-time by embedding intelligence into operational processes using integrated high performance infrastructure capabilities. The next generation EXA Technology, X6, driven by unique flash technology, delivers lower latencies, faster response times and smarter data management in real-time.
  • Obtain new levels of customer intimacy and differentiation with shared and secure access to all relevant information no matter what it is or where it resides. The IBM FlashSystem 840 helps provide real-time access to data for workloads that require faster access to data to get products and services to market more quickly.
  • Empower employees with insights, when they need it, maximizing right-time availability to improve collaboration to solve problems and grow opportunities. The new IBM System x solution for SAP HANA drives deeper business insights on unstructured data, leveraging our X6 technology advantages.

Organizations across the world are able to drive efficiency, elevate performance and jumpstart new growth in their businesses by deploying IBM’s infrastructure capabilities. It’s time to give your IT infrastructure a breakthrough by leveraging IBM’s end-to-end groundbreaking capabilities that can help your IT infrastructure become simplified, responsive and adaptive.

Don’t miss our webcast, available right now to watch as your schedule allows. In conjunction with the announcement webcast, today, Thursday, January 16, we will also host a live event at the New York Stock Exchange. If you’re in New York, we invite you to join us for this unique event and reception.

Whether you join us for the webcast, on social or at the New York event, we look forward to having you. Be sure to join the #breakthroughIT conversation on social, and leave a comment or ask infrastructure questions below.

Jacqueline Woods is the Global Vice President of Growth Solutions, STG, IBM Corporation. In this role, she leads the organization’s marketing for Software Defined Environment, Cloud, Analytics and Technical Computing. Connect with Jacqueline on Twitter: @JacWoods2020.

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