Don’t Miss Smarter Computing at Pulse 2013


Smarter Computing at Pulse will bring you more experts, more sessions, and a deeper experience than ever before. We are pleased to offer you a brand-new Smarter Computing Mini-Workshop, starting with how to apply service management concepts in the real world, to how the effectiveness of IT processes can impact business. We finish the workshop with a personalized evaluation of your data center and, using a modern evaluation tool, lay out a roadmap for growth.

The IBM Smarter Computing booth #D330, centered in the Pulse Solution Center, will feature over 20 experts, a showcase of recently-announced IBM systems, as well as technology and product demonstrations.

To learn a lot in a short time, attend one of the twenty 10-minute talks at our mini-theater right in the Smarter Computing booth; a few topics are listed below. One of our experts will introduce each technical topic, highlighting the latest innovations and describing what you need to know. It’s a great way to get an informative overview quickly and, if you see something important to you, the expert can have a deeper discussion with you and review more detailed information at one of the pedestals in our booth.

For the most in-depth learning experience, we have a series of lectures that dive into specific Smarter Computing technical topics. These sessions, two Pulse Solution Center Theater presentations and seven break-out sessions, are educational presentations covering a variety of IT topics. Get an in-depth understanding of how IBM can help you become ready now for what’s next.

Register today for Pulse 2013 and discover how IBM Smarter Computing can help grow your business.

Smarter Computing Mini-Workshop

The Smarter Computing mini-workshop, being introduced this year, gives you an opportunity to spend one-on-one time with our Smarter Computing experts to quickly understand how to apply Smarter Computing to reach your IT goals and improve your business. We start with applying service management concepts in the real world, and how an improvement of the effectiveness of IT processes can impact businesses. You will walk away with our recommendations — in the form of actionable roadmaps — to improve your IT processes. IT capabilities that can be considered for improvement are noted in the ovals below.

Set up an appointment today for an introductory discussion on Cloud Ready, Data Ready, and Security Ready IT capabilities of your Data Center, and learn for yourself how IBM can assist in meeting your IT goals.

Date and Time: Monday – Wednesday during the conference. Contact Rajesh Gurjar to set up a 30 minute appointment.

Location: IBM Smarter Computing booth #D330

Delivered By:

    • Suchitra Joshi, Director of Marketing, Smarter Computing Initiatives
    • Dan Hattenberger, Market Segment Manager, Smarter Computing Initiatives

Smarter Computing Topics at the IBM Booth

We have twenty brief talks at the Smarter Computing booth. A few are listed below. Hear these talks to learn how the IBM Smarter Computing approach can help you leverage IBM’s breakthrough technologies.

Location: Smarter Computing booth #D330

Sunday, March 3

6:00PM Learn how Smarter Computing can help you leverage the latest technology in your data center
6:15PM Big Data: What’s Next. Ready Now.
6:45PM Sogeti: A Business Partner’s success with Smarter Computing

Monday, March 4

1:00PM Virtualization: More than you’ve been led to believe
1:40PM zEnterprise: Foundation for a Secure Cloud for Data
2:00PM Security Ready: Infrastructure for seamless compliance, integrity and data protection

Tuesday, March 5

6:00PM Infrastructure for Solving Complex Challenges
6:15PM IBM SmartCloud Foundation: Open for Business
6:30PM How do companies successfully develop data centers ready for the future? Get started with Smarter Computing offerings.

Smarter Computing Theater Presentations

Join us at these theater presentations to get educated on specific Smarter Computing topics.

Location: Pulse Solution Center Theater

Monday, March 4

5:30PM The Technology and Solutions Used by Successful Smarter Computing Customers (Session #2416)

Tuesday, March 5

6:00PM Enterprise Virtualization… It Offers Much More than You Might Think (Session #2418)

Sessions featuring Smarter Computing

Attend these sessions to learn how the IBM Smarter Computing point of view can help improve your business.

U.S. Open Serves Up a Richer Experience for Tennis Fans Worldwide with IBM Cloud and Predictive Analytics Technologies
    Date: March 5       Time: 10:00 – 11:00 am       Room: 106

What’s New for SmartCloud Implementations on System z
    Date: March 5       Time: 12:00 – 1:00 pm        Room: Meet the Experts (Expo Hall)

Consolidating Infrastructure for Business Growth: Sogeti Implements IBM PureFlex System for Its Client Delivery Centers in France
    Date: March 5       Time: 3:30 – 4:30 pm         Room: 101

The Path to an Open Cloud with KVM and IBM SmartCloud, Featuring Insights from SLTN
    Date: March 5       Time: 5:00 – 6:00 pm        Room: 106

How Expert Integrated Systems Can Lower Your Cost of Managed Services Delivery and Help Create New Business Opportunities
    Date: March 5       Time: 5:00 – 6:00 pm        Room: 106

IBM PureFlex System as the Virtualization Platform for Compute, Network, and Storage
    Date: March 5       Time: 6:00 – 7:00 pm        Room: 101

Learn Hands-On How to Deploy a Private Cloud on IBM PureFlex with IBM SmartCloud Entry
    Date: March 6       Time: 2:00 – 3:00 pm        Room: 113

Smarter Computing Analyst Paper - HurwitzTo effectively compete in today’s changing world, it is essential that companies leverage innovative technology to differentiate from competitors. Learn how you can do that and more in the Smarter Computing Analyst Paper from Hurwitz and Associates.

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