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Five years ago, we saw the emergence of a smarter planet, and our world continues to become more instrumented, interconnected and intelligent. Through the power of technology, we now have the ability to measure, sense and see the exact condition of so much around us. People, objects and systems can communicate and interact with each other in entirely new ways. Massive amounts of data, new ways to deliver computing and the rise of mobile and social platforms are transforming business.

We’ve also observed that the IT environment has shifted, moving from structured data at rest to unstructured data in motion; from static infrastructure to cloud services; from stable well-defined workloads to unpredictable workloads; and from proprietary standards to open innovation.

Organizations have immense potential to capitalize on these shifts, reshaping how they leverage IT to transform their business and gain a competitive advantage. Leading CIOs and IT leaders are capturing this opportunity by delivering an IT infrastructure that can support real-time decision making and meet unpredictable demands.

To help our clients achieve increased responsiveness and increased business impact, IBM is pioneering a new computing model to help our clients build an IT infrastructure that is simple, automated and flexible. We call this approach Smarter Computing and it has three defining characteristics: it’s built on a Software Defined Environment (SDE), designed for big data and open.

Imagine complete IT infrastructures that are as programmable as individual systems are today. An SDE understands workload optimization across compute, network and storage resources – deploying new workloads within minutes or hours and continuously optimizing the environment as the business requirements change. Businesses can provide new or updated services faster than ever before and service levels are met automatically, all with less IT effort and cost.

Watch the following video to hear how Jamie Thomas, IBM General Manager for Software Defined Systems, describes the Software Defined Environment.

Smarter Computing is designed for big-data-driven analytics, providing the capability to handle today’s volume, velocity and variety of data. The proliferation of data and customer touch points also drives businesses to rely on analytics to quickly gain insights and achieve a competitive advantage. An infrastructure designed for big data can access all relevant data and consistently deliver insights at the point of impact.

IBM Smarter Computing also recognizes that enterprises can support an expanding universe of heterogeneous data, devices and services only through open source and standards. Adopting open technologies and standards can lower costs by avoiding vendor lock-in. Clients also benefit from deep integration of new and legacy products. IBM’s leadership in open source and standards communities, such as OpenStack, leverages a rich ecosystem across all of our platforms and services.

IBM is investing in the development of new and innovative capabilities and today we are making announcements to strengthen our vision for Smarter Computing.

For example, our leadership in big data and analytics is extended with enhancements to the IBM Storwize V7000 Unified that improve performance and lower networking costs by automatically moving files close to users leveraging IBM Active Cloud Engine. IBM also introduces the FlashSystem family this week, which are all-new systems that can give businesses 2.5x better response times than the lowest published competitive offering.

As analytics becomes more embedded in operational processes, the need for solutions that provide maximum availability in addition to high-responsiveness has gained critical importance. With this in mind, IBM also announces industry solutions for Power systems in critical areas, such as patient care and clinical solutions, enabling organizations to gain greater actionable insights for competitive advantage.

To see how IBM Storage and Power systems can provide real-world benefits, I encourage you to read more about Soon Chun Hyang University (SCHUH). One of the largest healthcare institutions in South Korea, the university wanted to improve patient experience by making X-ray and MRI scans available to physicians more quickly. Working with IBM, SCHUH can now share patient imaging data 95 percent faster than before with a unified IBM platform that supports availability levels of over 99 percent. In the words of Yoon SooKeun, SCHUH Chief Information Officer, the solution “is an invaluable resource for clinical trials, as it allows us to perform statistical analyses to evaluate the effectiveness of drugs or new treatment programs.”

To learn more about how Smarter Computing delivers essential IT infrastructure for a new era of computing, I encourage you to watch the Livestream from Edge or explore our announcements in more detail by visiting the announcements page on

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