Storage doesn’t have to complicate your life. Transform IT with software.


Many years ago when I was in high school, or as my children affectionately remind me, “back in the old days”, we used to measure one’s musical prowess by the number of cassette tapes they owned or the thick books full of CDs they would carry around in their cars. Similarly, if someone had a pocket full of paper notes they had received from friends they were considered to be in tight communication with their friends.

I was reflecting with my manager the other day how dramatically software has changed the seminal activities in our everyday lives. Today it is nearly impossible to determine how much music someone has stored on their phone and most communication takes place over text messages or e-mails. My television is now even controlled by the programs and movies I watch using Netflix software. Much of my life that was previously controlled by physical things such as a mailbox, the newspaper, and my television are controlled by the software I choose to deploy. Some days I wonder if my car might drive itself if I type in a destination in the not so distant future.

Storage technology is making a similar transition. People with little knowledge about storage or the underlying technologies are automatically backing up their files on Apple’s iCloud or other private cloud options. I see less and less USB drives and find more people pulling files from Dropbox. I have the privilege of working on a team at IBM that is tasked with creating the roadmap for software-defined storage environments. We are looking for opportunities to take the complication out of storage so that customers can focus on how they can use data more intelligently, efficiently, and cost-effectively. Our goal is to use an open and collaborative approach. We announced our commitment to OpenStack recently at Pulse 2013. This is certainly an exciting time to be working in the storage industry.

I welcome your input. How can IBM take the complication out of your storage operations? How can we help you enable your storage environment to work smarter and drive your business forward?

The links below may help you on your journey to enabling your storage environment:

The new era of storage is coming, and I look forward to the journey.

Sondra Ashmore, Ph.D. has been working on storage hardware and software at IBM since 2000, most recently in the area of storage solutions. She also teaches agile software development at a local university and has focused most of her research on agile methodologies. You can connect with Sondra on Twitter: @sondra1130.

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One Response to Storage doesn’t have to complicate your life. Transform IT with software.

  1. rozelle ashmore says:

    I am probably the only one who does this since I have not fully investigated and taken advantage of software that automatically backs up my computer, but I have a bunch of files on my back up disks/external hard drives/ travel drives that are all the same. I can never really remember what I have and have not backed up, so to be on the safe side I just back it all up again. I get very lazy when it comes to backups, I just throw things in my external hard drive jimble jamble. I very rarely revisit my back up files, but every once in a blue moon I am very thankful I do back up stuff. I have a tera bite external hard drive with a ton of personal/work files. It is just in my desk drawer, and I get kind of freaked out that someone might steel it. Then I think, do I need to back up my back up? I know half of it is not repeated on my other drives and I would loose sentimental photos etc. Then I think, I can be bothered to make back ups of back ups.

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