Cheers to a successful launch of IBM PureSystems


What a day at the IBM PureSystems launch event yesterday in New York!

I had the opportunity to sit with analysts in the morning and our clients in the afternoon as some of IBM’s top executives unveiled the powerhouse that is IBM PureSystems. But New York was just the tip of the iceberg. We had additional events in Tokyo, Mumbai, Sao Paolo, Beijing, and London, as well as an online virtual broadcast.

The launch gave a great introduction to IBM PureSystems with a deeper look at the first two members of the PureSystems family:

PureFlex: an infrastructure system that’s expert at sensing and anticipating resource needs for optimal performance.

PureApplication: a platform system that’s expert at optimally deploying and running applications for rapid time-to-value.

These systems are built on three principals: built-in expertise, integration by design, and simplified experience . Learn more about the PureSystems family from Steve Mills, IBM Senior VP and Group Executive of Software and Systems:

We also heard from business partners SAP and Infor who helped explain what this family of systems means for businesses in the real world. Who is more qualified to speak about a product than those who plan to use it? Those are the kind of discussions I think everyone can appreciate.

What I also appreciate is the research IBM has done to understand the problems IT managers are having. You can’t just build a product and tell people it’s going to work for them. You have to understand what they want to do and what will make it easier for them.

This IT Headaches infographic sums up what IBM has learned and used as an inspiration for the PureSystems family:

IBM PureSystems Infographic - IT Headaches

These are real problems that IT managers face across industries and across the world. And it was clear in every presentation yesterday that IBM’s been listening.

IBM PureSystems will change the way the world does business and it’s been quite an experience to be an itty bitty part of something so huge. The best part is that even though PureSystems have been in the making for years, this is only the beginning. I can’t wait to see how this family of systems takes smarter computing to the next level.

That’s my two cents. But look forward to more perspectives from analysts to developers on the launch and the potential for IBM PureSystems.

Cheers to a successful launch and getting rid of IT headaches! (Though I don’t think we can solve your champagne headaches…yet.)

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3 Responses to Cheers to a successful launch of IBM PureSystems

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  2. Joe Bohn says:

    Nice summary Jessica – thanks for providing a first hand perspective from NYC! I watched the telecast with a large part of the development team in RTP, NC. It really was an exciting day! But as you correctly stated – even though we've been working on this for some time now it is really just the beginning for our customers. It will be even more exciting as we see IBM PureSystems used broadly in customer environments to improve the agility of their businesses. @jabber63

  3. SarahHobson says:

    My company has been using Pureflex since launch it's a really good product.

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