Smarter Computing Solutions enable your journey towards the “data center of the future”


The “data center of the future” will be built on quantum leaps in attributes such as resilience, intelligence, agility and mobility.  This will also require a fundamental rethinking of the data center architecture as computing transitions from the old process-centric era to the new information-centric era.  Recent breakthrough technologies such as cross-platform virtualization, image lifecycle management, etc. can yield dramatic improvements in data center operations and enable this transformation. In this post I will discuss IBM Smarter Computing Solutions, which are designed to accelerate this transformation and yield dramatic improvements in data center operations.

So, what are Smarter Computing solutions? What capabilities do they provide?

Smarter Computing Solutions are integrated stacks of hardware, software and services leveraging breakthrough technologies to enable data center transformation in the journey towards the “data center of the future”. These will deliver dramatic improvements along several key dimensions:

  • improved business resiliency through rapid recovery of data center operations in the event of any disruptive event;
  • intelligence infused in all data center operations leveraging the massive amounts of data;
  • improved business agility through consolidation and virtualization of IT environments leading to private clouds;
  • and mobility-enabled capabilities to be accessible anywhere, anytime.

Let us now look at four examples of client needs and how Smarter Computing Solutions address them.

1. 1.2 zettabytes of data exist in the digital universe, growing at 42% YTY. A  key challenge for organizations today is how they can exploit this Big Data for business value.

Big data is not just big volumes of data, but also refers to the increasing velocity and variety of data.  To meet this challenge, many are deploying Linux-based IT infrastructures designed to capably handle both structured and unstructured data, making it easier to capture, manage and analyze information to drive better-informed business decisions.  Furthermore, in order to manage this, you may wish to optimize the storage you have, upgrade to better and faster storage, or manage the amount of data through technologies such as real-time compression or data de-duplication. At all points, you need to consider security, privacy, the data lifecycle, and the quality of your data.

IBM PowerLinux Big Data Analytics solutions help businesses gain new insights with scalable, powerful solutions using Apache Hadoop-based IBM InfoSphere BigInsights software to enable organizations to analyze data-at-rest, and InfoSphere Streams software to analyze data-in-motion. The deep integration and optimization of analytics workloads  performance on PowerLinux enables businesses to run thousands of tasks in parallel leveraging the intelligent threading capabilities to deliver analytics services with superior performance.

Read this solution brief to see the detailed description of the capabilities of this solution.

2. With the wealth of data available today, organizations are no longer willing to relegate information to the back office. Instead, they are demanding access to customer purchase histories, customer behaviors, and trends of product sales at the time of contact or time of sale. This creates new challenges, because it is not enough for an enterprise to capture massive amounts of data; it must also sift through the data, extract information and transform it into actionable knowledge. And this must be done quickly, while the information is still relevant and actionable.

The IBM® DB2® Analytics Accelerator solution gives your organization the speed to create the insights it needs to work smarter. It puts the right answers in the hands of your decision makers today—and puts your business in the best position to answer the questions of tomorrow.

As an example, watch the following video  to find out more about the challenges faced by Swiss Re in this domain and how they addressed them:

Also you can learn more about the capabilities of this solution by registering for this analyst paper from 9Sights Consulting.

3. 60% of CIOs plan to use cloud technologies which is up almost two fold over a year ago.  55% of business executives believe that cloud can enable business transformation.  The business is demanding a new approach to IT; they want it managed differently to be able to deliver service delivery, better quality the way they want to consume it. Cloud technologies give the opportunity to reinvent IT and transform service delivery.

For example, see this video to see how the fishing industry in Bari was transformed leveraging cloud computing  technologies:

The IBM System z Solution Edition for Cloud Computing offers a robust set of cloud management capabilities allowing greater control and automation of cloud resources. It is offered a competitive price point, and combines our industry-leading IBM zEnterprise™ hardware, Tivoli® software and IBM services.

You can learn more about the economic benefits of developing a heterogeneous cloud leveraging system Z from this white paper.

4. Internet connected devices are growing at 16% CAGR and are projected to be 22B in 2020.  As more activities are done on these internet connected devices, IT infrastructure is also seeking its future on the mobile platform. This is creating an opportunity for business transformation. Many enterprises are seeing this as an opportunity to create new revenue opportunities and provide enhanced customer service.

The IBM mCommerce solution provides end-to-end solution for mobile commerce opportunities in mobile banking, mobile payments and mobile remittance. Leveraging this solution, enterprises can provide capabilities for their clients to perform a variety of transactions over a mobile device.

See mCommerce in action in this demo.

For more details on this solution, read the solution brief.

Please visit to learn more about Smarter Computing Solutions.

Smarter Computing Analyst Paper - HurwitzTo effectively compete in today’s changing world, it is essential that companies leverage innovative technology to differentiate from competitors. Learn how you can do that and more in the Smarter Computing Analyst Paper from Hurwitz and Associates.

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  1. Great piece. I work in the data center management industry and having been in my role for several years I can say with 110% confidence that the cloud is the future. All IT operations will continue moving towards cloud-based technologies.

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