IBM wins CRN award for zEnterprise cloud solutions


Last night I was thrilled to accept this year’s CRN Tech Innovator Award for the most Innovative Cloud Solution for IBM zEnterprise BC12 with my colleague Jacqueline Woods, Vice President of Growth Solutions, STG .

zEnterprise is the ultimate shared platform, highly integrated and built for secure cloud computing. Through continuous investment and innovation…and a strong vision, IBM has kept our clients ahead of changing market dynamics with a platform that redefines IT efficiency, economics and agility for unmatched business advantage.

This award demonstrates a bright future and a new lease on life for System z and cloud as reported most recently by UK analyst Ian Murphy in his recent article.

Clients such as Izumiya, Sicoob, Bank of New Zealand, Nationwide and Algar Telecom have all developed cloud environments built on z that are delivering value today and taking out cost, just to name a few.

  • Nationwide saved $46 million in deploying their private Linux based cloud on System z.
  • Sicoob is speeding delivery of new products and services by enabling transaction growth of 600 percent in mobile applications, 200 percent in Internet banking and 60 percent in-branch applications.
  • Izumiya consolidated 115 distributed servers to a single server which will reduce server installation area from 1,800 square feet to 180 square feet and IT system and administration cost by 20 percent.
  • Algar Telecom cut data center costs by 70 percent, reduced maintenance effort by 65 percent and boosted operational efficiency by 30 percent.

IBM continues to invest in zEnterprise to make the technology better, faster, more reliable and more consumable.

Cloud on zEnterprise drives real bottom line savings. Within IBM we strategically leveraged zEnterprise to consolidate over 30,000 servers around the world. The results were an incredible 84 percent improvement in data center efficiency, a 50 percent reduction in power and cooling, and we were able to free up $1 billion to spend on innovative new projects to drive business growth across the company.

So you are probably thinking, “Well, what about public cloud? Couldn’t I get the same kinds of savings by moving to a public cloud model?” It turns out that as you scale up to around 200 virtual machines, it becomes more efficient and economical to use Linux on zEnterprise as a private cloud. As you scale further, the economics continue to favor z more and more. A picture tells a thousand words so I’ll let you check it out.

zEnterprise v. public cloud

We’ve had Linux on the platform since 2000, with the ecosystem continuing to grow around it. We have over 3,000 ISV applications supported on the platform and over 80 percent of our top clients have already embraced Linux. We’ve also invested in OpenStack with IBM being one of only eight platinum sponsors. Our continued investment exhibits our long-term commitment to our number one priority: our clients.

We are pleased that CRN selected the IBM zEnterprise BC12 for this cloud innovation award. For nearly a decade, CRN  has been honoring the industry’s top manufacturers with its Tech Innovator awards for enterprise products that increase productivity, reduce cost and decrease complexity through innovation and advancement of technology.

And that is what our zEnterprise Cloud solution is all about.

Deon Newman is Vice President, Marketing for IBM System z. He is responsible for worldwide brand management and marketing strategy to develop the position of the System z brand in the market, drive global awareness, interest and demand. Connect with Deon on Twitter: @deonnewm.

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